Thursday, October 29, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

This is what parenting is all about ... ?

He wasn't so sure at first...

And then he started sucking on the pumpkin... mmm!

He was not happy by the end of the photo shoot...

But fall is not all about terrorizing Wyatt, we went and enjoyed the festivities of the season with Karma and Jeff. They had the best apple fritters! I love fall!

He is always happy in his Baby Bjorn.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I wanna talk about me...

Well I always feel that blog posts need to be centered around an event or picture... But I am slowly realizing that there is nothing about what is going on in the lives of the Deckers, besides the fact that Wyatt is adorable. ( As made evident by all the pictures). So here is our update, Andrew, Wyatt and I are living in Cincinnati trying desperately to find a job for Andrew. ( He is a construction management major, if any one "knows a guy".) But we couldn't ask for a better situation to spend our time in limbo. We are living with Andrew's parents who are loving having the only grand baby around. I love it too, I am still able to take showers and hand him over to many loving recipients and have "me time." It has worked out so well! I still get to feel like a girl and not a worn out Mommy. In fact I am dieting with a couple of girlfriends and am down 35 lbs with 13 to go! yeah I know I gained nearly 50 lbs with the pregnancy! I think I have learned what not to do for the next one!
So we live in Cincinnati, but my parents are in Toledo, we get to go up there and stay with them almost every week. They have a room set up for us and baby as well. They too our loving having the first grand baby around. It was so fun to have Wyatt around the twins before they left on there missions as well. Quintin left on Sept 2nd for Paraguay and Lance left last wednesday for Agentina. The fun part is that there stays in the MTC are overlapping by two weeks, and Quintin got to "host" Lance. ( I have no idea what that means, I assume show him the ropes.)
So, when we are not in Cinci with the Deckers, or Toledo with the Shorts, we are in Columbus with the Halls! My sister and brother-in-law Rob. It has been awesome, Megan is such a doting Aunt, she is so cute with him and will carry on full conversations with him. Somehow whenever I get him back from her, he is wearing nothing but a onesie, I in turn ask "Where did his clothes go?" ( Seeing as that is one of the only things I have to show for a full day), and she responds " He told me he didn't like them because they were uncomfortable". Oh Meggy...

One more big perk of being back in Ohio, I get to hang out with my girlfriends! I feel like i am back in high school, when I get to see Rache, Lola, Sarah and Megs! Love you girls sooo much!

All in all I am loving living in Ohio, as temporary as it may be I love it!
I will be posting some pictures of the things I have been doing though, along with Megan I have been making baby clothes too, below you will see some of the fruits of our labors, AKA the hat, vest and scarf Wyatt is sporting! Thanks Megs...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I absolutely love my backyard in the fall!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 months.

Still learning how to use all the functions on the new toy. But, we are away from Grandma Karma... these are just for you!

Great pictures will be coming as soon as i figure out how to use this camera! Hooray!