Friday, May 7, 2010

Anyone who knows me at all, knows I live for a project! I love creating, designing, and organizing! So moving is like Christmas to me. So since, we moved to Utah the sewing machine, and power tools have not stopped running (I am sure our neighbors really appreciate it). Regardless, here are some of the projects I completed a while back.

Family Room

Media Center

Andrew spoiled me and surprised and bought me the furniture set I have been wanting! But. before we moved last time we sold our entertainment stand. So I wasn't going to push my luck and get a TV stand as well. Instead I took a small table we used to have and re-purposed it. First I sanded it down, painted it brown, then added the shelf, added the side and back, panels, and took cedar shims, stained them, and cut them down to size. Over all it was like a $10.00.

Here is the front view.

Shoe Rack

Does this look familiar? Well I had some leftover cedar shims from the entertainment table, and threw together a matching shoe rack with some extra lumber I had from various other projects. A few coats of matching stain and I had a custom shoe rack.

Custom Wall Art

Wall art can be pricey, and it is hard to find just the right style for you. Well, for mine I took $3.00 frames from Wal-Mart and sanded them down, painted them,then painted the mats that came with them. I simply took fake plants and framed them with a cardboard as the backing.
Overall about a $20.00 project.

More Wall Art

I had one more large blank wall in my family room. I knew I needed to bring in something with a pattern, because everything was to "spa". I found some scrapbooking paper, that fit my color scheme, and mod-podged it to pieces of wood, I then took some leftover fabric from the curtains (will be featured later) and covered some canvases. I also used the leftover shims from the media center and used it as my background. Over all, it was nothing but left over pieces, from other projects. Tip: when doing decorating, opt for wall art, it is not as easy for little fingers to access!


For my finishing touch, I needed something vertical. In our last apartment I had put together a flower arrangement that did not co-ordinate with the room. I took out a few pieces that would work, and used the vase. ( I used the leftover flowers in another room). I went and found the n awesome tall sticks at Tai Pan house 75% because one was damaged. I added a few more pieces to add interest.
Overall the whole thing only cost $6.00.
I love being able to brag about how cheap everything was done! $41.00 for all the decor. I got the rug for $40.00. I know they are out there for cheaper but that color is not the easiest thing to find. That color was my basis for the entire room. I love slate blue!