Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wyatt's new room.

Well this past month has been hectic to say the least. My Mom came to visit for a few weeks, Luke moved in with us. Megan and Rob were able to stop by for a few days, along with Ben, (Brother-in-law). During that period we also moved from Herriman to Saratoga Springs, which means packing and unpacking, along with finishing a basement for Luke. We also celebrated Wyatt's first birthday... and I redecorated the whole house! Phew... Here are pictures from Wyatts new room!

I decided to go with a Nautical/ Airplane theme.

so all I needed to make was:

1.) Bedskirt in Crib and Twin Size
2.) Comforter in Crib and TWin Size
3.)Touched up the crib

4.) I turned a clock into a compass

5.) I painted a world map on a piece of fabric, and tied it off with ropes in the corners.

6.) I found these way cute airplane doorknobs, and used them on coat rack! I just used some extra fabric from the flags.

7.) His shelf looked so boring so I took some coordinating scarpbook paper and cut out his name. Then I simply mounted them on a black spray painted 2x8.

8.) I made flags out of fabric and strung it together on rope!

9.) My Aunt is Crazy talented, and wrote this awesome poem for Wy, Megan was awesome enough to have it vinyl cut for me!

10.) My favorite part! There was a very blank area on the floor, and Wyatts birthday coming up.... So I decided he needed an airplane... ONly about $15.00 in materials! I love it!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Staying Busy.

Compliments of my Iphone, and my sewing machine.

New curtains.

More curtains.

New romper, and hat.

Graphics on the romper.

New dresses.

Flip flops to accompany the dresses.

Back of the flip flops.

Another new romper and hat combo.

Safari romper.

He was not very happy, but here are his new pants, and matching hat.

New purse.

Yet another romper and hat.

Can you believe he didn't have a bath robe?!

This is another romper with a matching band, that I can put on his fedora.

I made a patch work bucket hat with this romper. Actually made it out of one of Andrew's old shirts.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since last Monday...

I made Wyatt a new vest, hat, and pants set for church. I had made the bow tie a while back. $3.00 in materials.

I am really on a dress kick this week, because I made myself another one for church this week. $2.00 in materials.

This was a new design I wanted to try, I think I am going to make some frilly bum shorts to go under it.

This is one of the dresses in a series of three. This will hit about the knee for a 5 year old.

Second in the series, I think this is one of my new favorites.

This is the third outfit in the series, it is a little romper that will work for about a 9 mos. All three dresses cost about $5.00 in materials.

This was experimental, playing with odds and ends fabrics I had. $1.50 in materials.

...and matching pj pants for Wy and I. $2.00 in materials.

I have several projects in mind for this coming week...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess what, I love projects... But I don't have the patience to take cute pictures and write tutorials. Once I start a project I am on a mission until it is completed.... Let me show you what I mean.

Floral shirt 20 minutes.

I was experimenting with this one... one of my longer projects.. about an hour.

Wy's sweatshirt has a pretty cool graphic on it that I hand drew in about 15 minutes...

This is a dress with matching flips flops, collectively they both took about 1.5 hours.

Wyatt needed some cool PJ pants, I made both pair in appox 30 min.

This took a little more time, I could not seem to get the neckline right! I was so frustrated, I think this was more like 3 one hour segments!

This was made out of sheer desperation one morning before morning nap... Wyatt will not falll asleep now that he can stand up.... so I made this restraint belt! Works like a charm. HE hated the swaddlers because he couldn't move his arms... I hated letting him move around till he fell asleep because inevitably he would end up in a weird position and uncovered. SO he would wake up in the middle of the night crying. This "Wriggle Wrapper" is our happy compromise.

Our friends were coming into town, and I decided our kids needed co-ordinating pjs for the sleep over. 30 minutes total.

This is just one of the many decorations for Teagans birthday party, they were a little more time consuming, they took about an hour, while I watched "Alice in Wonderland".

While I was preparing for Teagan's birthday I decided I needed an apron because I was covered in powdered sugar! So while the cake was baking I zipped together this little beauty!

This skirt was actually made from an Ikea sheet. ( FYI the best way to buy fabric!) I made this Saturday night because I couldn't find anything I felt like wearing... 1.15 minutes. The silly zipper took about 45 !

I was making a little girls dress and was looking at the skirt part of it, and decided to see if it fit. Worked perfectly so while I was sewing the dress featured below I cut out doubles in this fabric to serve as a swim suit cover/skirt.

This little dress is super easy took about 45 minutes. ( I have yet to do the finishing touches though. I have two others made at the same time... All 3 took about 2 hours. (All made from sheets.)

I decided Collette and Teagan needed matching aprons.. (Also made from sheets.)

So like I said I stay busy. But I never get around to taking pictures... these were the pictures I found on my phone from sending to Megan. The funny part is all of these were made within the last 2 weeks, and I don't have pictures of the other half of my projects. The second Wyatt's head hits the pillow, I am in the craft room, craftin it up!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teagan is two!

Happy Birthday little Miss Teagan! We have know Trevor and Collette, and have loved being their friends. After a nine months of snow shack icees with Collette, they welcomed little Teagan into their family! We have loved being her pseudo Aunt and Uncle. Well, it has been two years since she brightened our lives, and we needed to celebrate! We had a mad-hatter tea party. It was awesome! Here our some pictures of the little soiree.

So, all of the little elements have been this weeks projects... I love my projects.

Our little birthday girl

Well this was my first experience with cake decorating. I made the fondant, and the mouse on top! It was a pound cake and it was so good!

Wyatt liked the cupcakes too!

I loved the way everything turned out. Lots of work but it looked perfect!

I thought the cheshire cat was a requirement, so I painted it on a canvas,

I needed to paint the rabbit as well.

I also painted the door!

She loved it!

After the party, we went and played couples tennis, the kids cheered us on from the sidelines. Notice the matching PJ's ? I had extra fabric from the party decorations... so I thought co-ordinating PJ's would perfect!