Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wyatt's new room.

Well this past month has been hectic to say the least. My Mom came to visit for a few weeks, Luke moved in with us. Megan and Rob were able to stop by for a few days, along with Ben, (Brother-in-law). During that period we also moved from Herriman to Saratoga Springs, which means packing and unpacking, along with finishing a basement for Luke. We also celebrated Wyatt's first birthday... and I redecorated the whole house! Phew... Here are pictures from Wyatts new room!

I decided to go with a Nautical/ Airplane theme.

so all I needed to make was:

1.) Bedskirt in Crib and Twin Size
2.) Comforter in Crib and TWin Size
3.)Touched up the crib

4.) I turned a clock into a compass

5.) I painted a world map on a piece of fabric, and tied it off with ropes in the corners.

6.) I found these way cute airplane doorknobs, and used them on coat rack! I just used some extra fabric from the flags.

7.) His shelf looked so boring so I took some coordinating scarpbook paper and cut out his name. Then I simply mounted them on a black spray painted 2x8.

8.) I made flags out of fabric and strung it together on rope!

9.) My Aunt is Crazy talented, and wrote this awesome poem for Wy, Megan was awesome enough to have it vinyl cut for me!

10.) My favorite part! There was a very blank area on the floor, and Wyatts birthday coming up.... So I decided he needed an airplane... ONly about $15.00 in materials! I love it!