Thursday, July 21, 2011

This pregnancy has seemed totally different than my pregnancy with Wyatt. There is a different kind of anticipation. With my Wyatt my main thought was "were going to have a baby." There was no thought to anything past that. There wasn't any thought as to how his personality would be, or the different cute things he would say. I only thought of holding a cute baby, and dressing him up in many, many, different outfits.
This time things are very different. I think about how excited I am to see how little Lincoln will look, how his temperament will be, and how he will respond to life. I am excited to get to know and watch another little person grow and develop. Granted I miss the baby stage were they just cuddle, but more than anything I am looking forward to have another little person in my life that I will love unconditionally.
The one thing that has not changed is that I am SO READY to have this baby!

Had a Dr's appointment today. He said things are moving along nicely and he expects me to go into labor naturally (before my inducement date on Aug 16th). We are getting anxious!