Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The last few weeks.

The last month has been a busy busy whirlwind of activities! It all started with a very cute little Lincoln making his appearance! Then 4 days after little Linc was born, I started feeling funny. Actually it was localized to my tongue... I thought the painkillers were possibly to blame. I immediately discontinued use of them. Later that evening I was laughing, and Andrew gave me a funny look "what's wrong with your mouth?". I had no idea, I all the sudden had no control over the left side of my mouth... by the next morning I couldn't control my entire left side of my face. So the following week was spent going to Dr.appointments. We were told it was something called "Bells Palsy". Basically it can be caused by a few things, in my case it was brought on by stress and physical trauma (labor). I could have this condition from anywhere from a few weeks, to a couple years. Fun.
In the weeks to follow, my Mom was able to come into town, followed by my entire side of the family. We were able to attend my older brother Danes wedding, and the reception that was held in Colorado. Just a few days after getting back into town, Andrews family arrived in town. We are getting ready to send off his youngest brother Scott on his mission.

I feel like I have not sat down in a few weeks, but it sure has been fun seeing everyone, and getting to know are newest member of the family.