Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look at that...

I have heard that over time couples become more and more alike. But, who would ever suspect that we would develop alien heads and exoskelatons? ... and after only a year together! Well Andrew and I decided to take a nice long trip up to Jackson Wyoming on the bike. We ate at a local hole in the wall with great food... I froze all the way home and my butt still hurts. Overall it was a fun trip and a great view! We took pictures so you could see too! Enjoy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Away!

Megan just happened to be in Utah for her Grandpa's birthday, which gave me the opportunity to see her! It was so nice to be around girl company! I live with my husband I have a boy dog, I work with all males, I feel very much in the minority. It was so fun to do our hair and make-up together and fuss about our outfits! We made good use of our three day outing. Of course there was plenty of eating, shopping and talking! We spent at least one full day shopping at several of the malls that Salt Lake City has to offer. We also made it a priority to stop at two of our favorite pastime food stops, Starbucks and the Mayan. We had a blast and here are a few pictures from the events. I also introduced Megan to one of Andrew's favorite breakfast nooks. So here is an Ode to Kneaders.... they have the best french toast EVER! Look at how thick and scrumptious this is! All and all it was an excellent three days and much needed ! Thanks Meggy, love you!