Monday, March 29, 2010

I love sleep.

Ok, so about a week before we made the move to Utah, we started sleep training Wyatt. It was going ok, ( this kid will wake up about 5 times a night for a bottle!) So only waking up two times a night felt like a huge accomplishment! We weren't able to finish the training before we made the move. There was new schedule to adapt to, a new room, and his crib. ( All new things, he had been in a bedside crib next to us.) Well we had family in town, so the progress we had made was gone. We didn't think our family would appreciate listening to a baby crying through the night. So the progress we had made was gone. Well after our family visit was over we decided it was about time to start it again. Andrew and I had a little confusion over who was going to take him for the night. I took a tylenol PM, because I was feeling awful and tired. So I was expecting to have Andrew take him and Andrew thought I was taking him.
I woke up the next morning and Andrew and I both started talking and realized neither of us had gotten up with Wyatt because we never heard him cry... (We forgot to turn the volume up on the baby monitor)
And that is how we accidentally slept trained Wyatt. I let him cry it out all night long without the guilt of letting him cry! It was wonderful, I did feel a little bad, but the full night sleep made up for it!
So it was easier to let him cry the following nights, knowing that he had already lived through one full night of it. So Tylenol PM has become my friend this week. I think he has almost got it down! I have not gotten this much sleep in almost a year! LOVE IT!
We will do this MUCH EARLIER, if there is a next time!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new room

This was one of my newest projects.

Finishing touches.

Custom wall art.

New throw pillows, Megs made the circular one. The others were my own design.

So designing new spaces is one of my favorite things in the world. I am going to start documenting some ideas here :
It is going to be slow starting out, but if you are interested make sure you become a follower so I know if people truly are interested. Thanks, and enjoy!