Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sitting Area

This room had me baffled. Even before we made an offer, I was brainstorming ideas of what we could do with this room.
It is suppose to be a "Formal Living Room", but alas we have one set of furniture, and I was not about to stick it in the front entry. I always wanted to have a pseudo library and I have been looking for an excuse to make a wall full of crates. This was my chance! We were still living in Utah and getting ready for the move to Florida, but I was to eager to wait! I started buying slats of wood and cutting them to dimension and bundling them in "sets". So I would have a lot of the work done before we even got there... (Stay tuned) Same thing with the few furniture pieces that are now in the entry. I started looking on Utah craigslist for two chairs. I got lucky and found these two little guys. They were perfect for what I needed and with a little love and care they would be just what I needed. They fit perfectly with a round table that I have had for a little while, and has been apart of several different rooms. I repainted the round table to a slate blue, which was originally black.
Just before the move I was in Idaho visiting Collette. We decided to get away and go check out some thrift stores. It was then that I came across the missing piece! I by chance found and old vintage typewriter, in working condition! Collette twisted my arm and for $15.00, this 20lb piece of loveliness was moving cross-country with us!

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