Saturday, April 18, 2009

Look at me...

Well I have been looking everywhere for my camera... and finally I found it in one of my purses I took home for christmas... Well when I found it there was some "altitude problems". Long story short it is on its way back to the manufacturer to get fixed. I had been waiting until I found the camera to take more pictures of my growing belly, but with this hurdle I decided it was time, horrible pixalation or not they need to be taken. So here they are taken on my Mac.

I am a day shy of 6 months... I believe I always get confused with the whole week to month ratio in pregnancy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wasting no time...

Well Andrew and I have been throwing around several names, and we have decided! What do you guys think? We are thinking of either Emerson or Bastian as a middle name. (Bastian is my Mom's maiden name.) But we both love Emerson... It's a good middle name huh, Jess?

I couldn't wait to start making the nursery personalized to out little Wyatt! I made these for less than $6.00. Whoo hoo

Thursday, April 2, 2009

This is how I found out...

Andrew and I have been anxious for weeks to find out the gender of our little shrimp... Well after waiting for what seemed like years in the Dr's. office, they got me all set up. We carried on small chat and she asked what we thought the gender was, I have always referenced to my belly as a "he", ( I don't claim to have a "connection" or "mother's intuition") but because I always called it a he, I figured it might be. 50/50 right ? Well anyways they were showing us the head and the body and pointing out the adorable hands, and then she got to the lower anatomy and before she could point it out .... Andrew points and exclaims " That is a PENIS!" So that is how I found out what we are having. A little healthy baby boy! Andrew couldn't be prouder of "his little man" already... We are excited and I went shopping promptly after!
I apologize if you do not know Andrew's humor.