Friday, February 27, 2009


Tonight I had a whoa moment... I am sure we have all had them before. You know the kind, when all of the sudden something sinks in ? Well tonight Andrew and I were out on our date and I just had this really "full feeling". Like I had eaten a cow, which as much as that would normally be true, was not, I had just had a few bites of ice cream. Anyways, over the last few week I have felt my tummy getting bigger and bigger... But for some reason the normal mentality never set in, you know the fact that I am pregnant and it will do that? Whenever I looked in the mirror or tried on an old pair of pants, I though "Oh my heck I am getting fat! " Well tonight I had an Ah-Hah moment, there is a baby in there and the stomach is not fat, (well not all fat anyways).... I know this may sound so obvious to others, but tonight my tummy didn't just feel like extra pounds. There is a baby in there and the "shrimp" was growing extra fast today.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I am frustrated! I am at the awkward stage where nothing fits and maternity clothes are still hideous to me.... I can't find any cute ones! I am so pathetic, I went looking for some clothes and started crying in the dressing room, I blame it on the hormones, I have been crying over "adopt and animal commercials", so there probably isn't much merit to my little fit. Regardless, I have been limited to wearing sweats and feel a little depressed. Anyone have any great ideas or suggestions?
I also,have the sudden urge to go get my hair done, nails and or tan... I know they say women get the whole pregnancy glow... well it must have skipped this generation because my skin is getting horrible and I may sound nuts but my hair has become impossible to work with!
Okay, that is is, just needed to vent.
But I do love this baby and am excited! I just hate being pregnant so far.
Here is the start of the second trimester... A third of the way there...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Little Miracle Sound!

Hey everyone, I had my second appointment and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was the best sound ever! We were really thrilled and the Dr. is happy with the development, I am not happy with the weight gain, but I will cope. He said not to worry about it, I am back into the working out regiment and feeling a lot better. In one more day, I am officially in the proclaimed "best trimester" of pregnancy. Hooray, and in a "short" six weeks we get to find out if we will have a little Wyatt or Kennedy! (According to Andrew it is a girl and her name is Samantha, we will see who wins out.) So now begins another countdown... Anyone have any guesses ?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well , there have been some looking for posts of my growing belly.... (MEGAN and RACHE)... Secretly I think all girls like to see others get chubby.... But I know that is not the case... RIGHT ? ! Just kidding you guys love you all, here is 10 weeks and almost 13... The little shrimp is wasting no time adding to my waist line... sigh

13 weeks

10 weeks, so you can see the progress..